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If you have never been on a submarine this is your chance to go and dive in one of the most advanced passenger submarines in the world. Not in many locations of the world you will have this opportunity. 99% of the Maldives is water and if you haven't visited the underwater world, you have missed the most exciting views and creatures that inhibit the seas of Maldives.

WHALE SUBMARINE creates just that opportunity for you. This is your chance, whether you are young or old, able or disable, to visit the underwater world without getting wet, while enjoying the sensation of diving in a submarine

Whale Submarine is designed and constructed in Karlsrhue, Germany under the strict regulations of the American Bureau of Shipping and Bureau Veritas and is capable of carrying 50 passengers to a dive depth of 150 meters. Whale submarine is currently the world's deep diving largest tourist submarine in existence. So far this submarine has performed more than 2000 dives safely. The cabin of the submarine is fully air-conditioned and has a normal atmospheric pressure and thus you breathe normal air. Therefore you are safe to fly just after a dive. Whale Submarine has redundant safety features to ensure the safest, most comfortable ride, and is operated by a fully trained and certified team of French and local pilots. Whale Submarine carries enough oxygen, water and food supplies to support all passengers and crew for 100 hours.

Whale submarine dives in every 90 minutes DAY and NIGHT starting 9.00 o'clock in the morning until 8.00 o'clock in the evening. Depending on time of the day, current and many other factors the submarine may dive on some historical sites such as a shipwreck or a more exciting place like a shark feeding area or just another beautiful reef. Before the dive begins the crew inside the submarine would give you a briefing on that particular dive site.


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Sunset cruises are among the most romantic activities pursuable while holidaying in the Maldives. Very popular in high season, it's necessary to book sunset cruises several days in advance. Visitors can choose a bottle of wine and enjoy drinking a cool glass or two on the ship's deck as they watch the sun go down.

Setting off on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, a sturdy sailboat, cruise towards the sunset where the traveller stumbles upon a gorgeous spectacle that mother nature offers only to a few. The striking colours of the setting sun on the backdrop of the blue sky will be the most memorable sight, among the coral reefs and underwater marine life.

A sunset cruise in the Maldives is not only about the setting sun. If you are lucky you will not be embarking on a sunset cruise alone. As your boat sails through the calm waters you will be joined by pods of dolphins. These dolphins will match the speed of your boat and enliven you with their acrobatic jumps out of the water.

A sunset cruise in the Maldives will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset, in all nature’s glory without any man made interferences shadowing the amazing sight. Capture the awe-inspiring images of the sunset as a memoir of your great stay in the Maldives.


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Seaplanes are used commonly in the Maldives for transferring visitors from the airport to their chosen holiday destination. A seaplane flight gives you a bird’s-eye view of the islands and natural atoll formations. This panoramic sight will engrave vivid memories that will remain with you forever. This scenic flight experience will be for 20 minutes (dock-to-dock).

One of the most popular activities in the Maldives is a seaplane photo flight. Visitors love to embark on this journey to capture stunning images of the flawless islands from above. Let’s See Asia organized with the Seaplane operators in the Maldives, seaplane photo flights.

The islands and lagoons stretch out across the vast blue coloured ocean harmoniously. Take stunning photos of this magical sight as you enjoy a secure ride in the seaplanes. Comfortable seating and large windows of the planes give you the opportunity to position your cameras perfectly to shoot the best pictures.

The seaplane journey which began from the sea concludes when the plane again lands on the water. By this time you will have experienced one of the most remarkable journeys of your life. Take with you as memoirs the breathtaking pictures you took during this magical flight.


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The 1190 coral islands present in the archipelago are utilised for varying purposes. Some islands are inhabited by natives, while the other islands are utilised as industrial and resort islands. Most of the islands are uninhabited islands in pristine state. Hence, an island hopping adventure in the Maldives presents a visitor with an array of islands offering distinct varieties.

Visit the inhabited islands on your island hopping experience. Interact with the locals and learn about the distinct culture of the Maldives. Some islands are laden with avid craftsmen and talented artisans. Observe the skill of these highly talented individuals and try your hand at their craft. Other islands offer traditional music and dance routines to welcome visiting guests. Enjoy the unique music and dances performed by the islanders.

Explore the countless number of uninhabited islands en route your island hopping excursion. Stop over and go for a snorkel in the crystal clear lagoons of the untouched islands. Discover the rich flora and fauna ornamenting the uninhabited islands.